Hey ladies, 
Welcome to my beauty box❤️❤️
All appointments are self-booked online 
We do not offer any wet services at this time 
All services have are self booked online 24hr
Walk in services are express services & have to be booked
online and should only be booked  same day
Walk in guest must be in salon by at the salon 7am - 2:15pm to be serviced
Discounted services are for guest who have purchased our Virgin Collection online or onsite
Most collections will not be onsite for same day pick up
Only bundle deals will be allowed for same day pick up
beauty box services should be purchased and booked at least 2 week advance
Please purchase any of our products at least 3 weeks in advance especially if you have up coming arrangements
Ex- stands for (express service) that can only be book on express days
if you have special arrangements
Please purchase your favorite collection in advance along with bookings
It's your job to read all terms and conditions before any purchases or bookings
All students get $10 off any regular appointment with ID
Please text at 2026429822 for help or your concerns
Please note that all guest have to make a regular appointment if your service is not listed in express tab and can not book a walk in service if they are using a different hair brand
 Thank you for shopping Traci sis 🫶🏾

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